It’s Monday 6/8/2015 and a pivotal day for us. We are now both officially in our “retirement”, or as we prefer to think of it       “Re-Firement”. We are fired up and re-energized to now have the opportunity to reconnect with what’s important in life.

Arnie and I have some big plans and some not so big plans to look forward to. For those of you who know (and hopefully love) us, you are well aware that our plans, no matter what their size, often come with some interesting twists and turns.

Follow us while we sort out getting ready for a trip to explore the vibrant Atlanta, Ga. area for two weeks and then head out to travel The Crooked Road in a camper with all of the creatures in tow too. We are wondering what Chance Encounters lie ahead! Along the way, we will explore the wisdom of Kenneth Grahmne’s, The Wind in the Willows. Please feel free to read along with us and use this wonderful children’s classic as a model for living a vibrant life in the company of  friends old and new.


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