We have little access to the internet where we are here at West Hill Park for the summer, but on our days off, we head out to borrow wi-fi and the washer dryer from Kevin and Val in Arlington. And, of course, we wanted to borrow Grand-baby Nolan who is growing like a weed and changing every time we see him. He is the main reason for our trek north this summer and we want to capture every precious moment with him and his parents while we are here.


We do have a bit of access to over the air TV in the camper and one recent night, we enjoyed watching the finale of The Voice. Among other notable moments, I noticed that Pharrell had on an awesome hat. All it said was “Plant”. That set my mind to spinning. What a wonderful word. It implies investing in the future while enjoying the present process. I decided to deliberately notice what we “Plant” for the next 24 hours. Here are a few things that I have noted so far…….

The Seeds of Friendship: Our first plantings at our new campsite were Day lilies and iris from the garden of my dear friend, Karen, who I met over 20 years ago and have loved like a sister for all those long years.  Karen brought me cuttings and rootings from her garden. We share a love of gardening and growing things. All good things have blossomed in the garden of our friendship.

The Seeds of Awareness: we have created a collection of small notecards with a nature motif and a daily greeting to leave in the restrooms that we clean each morning at West Hill Park. We hope to plant an awareness that we have shared responsibility for keeping this beautiful place pristine.

The Seeds of Love:  Holding baby grandson Nolan today, we hope to plant the seeds of a lifelong  grandparent relationship that will  forever assure him that he is loved just for who he is.

The Seeds of Good Health; planting the summer kitchen herb garden is an investment in good health. Mint tea, basil and mozzarella pizza and spicy cilantro salsa will be the fresh and delicious outcomes. It is the first time in nearly seventeen years that I will have a New England vegetable garden and we are relishing the experience once again.

The Seeds of Commitment: Being in the woods this summer allows us to “plant” ourselves with renewed commitment to what we value. We are renewing the commitment to vegetarianism as well as remembering to value each and every sentient being’s experience of this life.

What might be the possibilities if we plant the right things. What did you plant today? I am interested to know!

Image result for pharrell williams in his Plant cap







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