Toiletary Insights

This summer may just end up being an epic journey of self discovery. Our duties at West Hill Dam are varied and interesting, some more appealing than others. I start my day with a perfect acoustic spot to practice my meditation and chants. The early part of my morning gives me a chance to hone my humility and remind myself that all work is good and valued when it makes a contribution to the group and the whole.

Here are some insights that I’ve gained from cleaning the restrooms:-The acoustics in an outdoor bathroom make people who are tone deaf sound quite good. I sing and the crowd goes wild.

  • The crowd consists of creatures that love to crawl and wiggle into camp bathrooms overnight. There is a hierarchy of fright when you open the door in the morning, so you learn to survey the area before entering. Snakes are first on the hierarchy. Rodents second. Spiders are third. Moths don’t even make the list.
  • The mop made famous in the movie, Joy, doesn’t really clean anything. It just moves the water around and applies a layer of bleach.
  • Trail boots look Ghaumy. Ghaumy is a made up word that Arnie uses to describe a woman in really big chunky, clunky boots with little fashion sense. I am Ghaumy this summer.


  • Straw brooms are not only for flying around during the full moon, they are good for sweeping away cobwebs too.

It is kind of fun to make men wait in line for the bathroom while you are cleaning it. I especially like the look on their faces when I suggest that they could use the ladies room if their need is pressing.

Some genius discovered that they could chill beer by filling the ladies room stainless steel napkin container with ice and immersing the bottles. I am so glad to know this in case I ever plan a party in a restroom.

That guy that missed the toilet………I have his DNA and I also have an FBI clearance. I may make it my life’s mission to identify him and hunt him down.

Plastic diapers should be outlawed.

Who knew they made Spiderman briefs in Men’s XXL.

The summer has only started, so I am sure that there will be more insights to come. Stay tuned for more personal growth experiences and don’t forget to wear gloves!




One thought on “Toiletary Insights

  1. Thanks for the laughs and it was great catching up with you today. Now go out and be chaumy, you rock those boots!


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