Name That Truck Contest

Calling All Creative’s

We are putting out a call to all of our social media friends and the old-fashioned kind too. Could you put on your creative cap and help us name our new baby? We brought him home yesterday. The yet to be named addition to our family is, of course, the shiny new black Toyota Tacoma truck that will act as our sherpa, llama, suitcase and gypsy cart while we explore the Wild Woods this coming year. Silly as it is, I have a long tradition of naming my vehicles. Sort of like a new puppy, except I don’t need that cool long fancy registration name: just the call name.

There’s a prize for this contest. If you place the winning name on the new truck, I promise to not tell any outrageous stories from our past together for at least a month. Let me tell you a bit about Him and maybe you will help us come up with just the right name.

First of all, he’s big and black. Go ahead and take a moment to swoon girls. He’s a tall stallion of a truck and you have to step up onto the running boards and grab a handle to hoist your bad hip and ample ass up into the saddle. Unless you are considerably younger than we are that is. There is no stick shift. In exchange for that cute little jump seat that makes the whole front seat one continuous sitting area, the designers moved the shift up on to the steering wheel. I feel like I’m in my grandfather’s old Buick. But it was an appealing feature for us, because it  perfectly accommodates our little dog’s car seat right between us where she is always the happiest. This is not the first time I’ve bought a car because it fits the dogs needs.

Here’s another important thing to know as you conjure up a new name for the truck. Tucked away in the manual we found an old service record which names the prior owner. He’s Asian and the phonetic pronunciation of his name is something very close to Wing Ding. I’m not kidding. Even I can’t make that up. We thought that was mildly amusing until we turned on the radio and realized that the music has been completely programmed for contemporary songs with Asian lyrics. Being technologically challenged, we have no idea how to reprogram this. I guess we’ll drive to a bad part of town, find an Asian teenage gang member and ask for some assistance. The youngsters always know how to fix those electronic things. We do need to get it fixed all because that stuff gets into your brain. I dreamt in Chinese last night and got up speaking in tongues this morning. We tell you all this so that you might consider thinking about Asian names for the new truck.

So, folks, Arnie and I look forward to your feedback on this one. Looking forward to hearing from you……….


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