It’s No Reflection on You

A friend (who shall remain unnamed out of deep respect for our long-standing friendship) called me this morning with a great story of a panicked moment in which she almost achieved Facebook Fame. Now, Facebook Fame is generally not something we all aspire to. Facebook Fame can involve humiliation or some revelation of an intensely personal nature that gets out there in the Wild World and before we know it ……….poof, you’re famous! Such was UNF’s (unnamed Friend’s) almost famous moment today.

Here’s what happened. Evidently, she was exiting the shower when she saw one of those irresistible opportunities that happen to all Cat Ladies. The cat was in such a unique and appealing posture that she had to run quickly for the iPhone to snap a picture before the fickle animal moved.

Now this is a beautiful cat to be sure. She’s actually  a really beautiful cat worthy of many pictures on Facebook. But, as beautiful as UNF’s kitty is, personally, I would not run wet barefoot and naked through the house searching for the ever misplaced iPhone to snap a picture of this cat. While I do understand the impulse to share with the world cute pictures of animals we love, I know what would happen.  I surely would slip, break a hip and that’ s where Arnie would find me; on the floor, wet, naked and screaming to cover me up before the buff, young paramedics get there. Not pretty.

But I digress. UNF found her phone quick and safely and Kitty remained still in the windowsill posing or her picture. UNF snapped the perfect cat shot and quickly uploaded it to Facebook from her handy dandy iPhone.

It was about 15 minutes before she was contacted by a friend from all the way across the country to tell her that in her zeal to share the cat’s portrait with the world, she neglected to notice that the flash bounced off the window catching her own reflection in the mirror behind the cat. Now we have a new meaning of the word flash and this one is spelled FLASH!

Holy Full Frontal Facebook Batman!

All’s well that end’s well. The picture came down as fast as it went up and only two people “Liked” it. We will never know what they liked about it.

Dear UNF, thanks for the Sunday morning laugh!


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